Don’t Take Chances: Install A Chimney Cap

Animal Invasion
Animals see an uncapped chimney as an open invitation to move in. From disease to odors, animals entering are causing damage to your home, and dangerous flue blockage. These unwanted guests can cause a multitude of problems. The installation of a chimney cap will keep these problems at bay.

Moisture Damage
More chimney damage is caused by moisture than any other source. Rain causes premature deterioration to the chimney interior and can damage metal fireboxes and dampers. Moisture will erode flue tiles, mortar joints, cause crumbling, cracks and blockages. Installing a chimney cap will stop these costly problems.

Hot Sparks and Roof Fires
A chimney without a proper cap may allow airborne embers to ignite shingles, leaves, trees or grass.

Have the Chimney Doctor install a cap to get maximum protection against these problems!

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